Monday, April 30, 2012

Bowl Cuts and Kittens

I have been obsessed with bowl cuts for the past little while.
Even though these aren't perfect bowl cuts these female artist pull off their hair 
so so well.

Alice Glass of Crystal Castles. 
(such a babe)


Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This is our baby. (Elyse and I are her current moms)
I call her Gilly but her real name is Audrey.

 It's time to watch Beetlejuice.
(anyone? seriously. I'm in the mood.)

Milo is changing her hair from black to this (white, pink, red).
It looks amazing.

Apparently we love this place too much.

This music video is pretty funny.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A typical

I want to live here so very badly.


Sundays at Squatters

 fast one. pop one. dark one.

          Meg comes over and we do things together xo 'twin' sister


 band practice. 

a typical (avril lavigne) setlist 
                                                                                      (sorry, bad joke)

I'm really into taking pictures of pictures that I like at the moment. 
I think it's funny and sacrilegious.

I really love this.

 and this...

and this...

Elyse is going to kill me.
We might get a cat from Idaho.

This is nice to listen to on dark mornings and rainy days.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Sometimes I spray  paint indoors and Elyse gets pissed.

Sometimes I take horribly nerdy pictures.

Sometimes I do math.

 I know my mom hated the painting I gave her for Christmas. She hide it behind the couch.

I could beat my brother up at this age. 

This is my grandpa's cat, it could roll over and it usually crossed it's legs. Most proper feline I've ever met. What a gal.
 My dad is really strange/silly. I guess that's where I got that from...

Sometimes I wish I knew my grandpa better. I think he has so many stories hidden inside his past.
I've been working with gel medium. It's pretty cool.